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Have You Heard?
ANSI 5010 is coming!!!   We are diligently working on the newest
version of the electronic claims transmission format - ANSI 5010.  This
new format requires major changes to the format of your claims.  We'll
keep you posted!

PECOS is here!!! Have you updated your information on the
PECOS system?  The deadline has been extended but don't delay!
    Make sure your referring doctors update their information too!

ICD10 is coming!!!  New diagnosis coding is on it's way.  There
are over 60,000 codes contained in ICD10!.  We've already done
our part and the current version of our software accommodates the
ICD10 format.  Now all you have to do is become familiar with the
coding and away you go!

Gateway EDI is the way to go!!!  Want to eliminate paper
claims?  Want to automatically post EOMBs?  Want to check
patient eligibility on-line?  Want to send patient statements
electronically?  Then Gateway EDI is the ticket!  With all the
convenience of a keystroke, you can now perform previously
tedious tasks effortlessly!  Call us today!

The Stimulus Money is waiting for you!!!  President Obama
has signed into legislation the American Recovery &
Reinvestment Act which includes $19.2 billion for healthcare IT.  
Let us help you  meet the standards and collect the money!  By
meeting the criteria set forth in the ARRA you may be eligible for
up to $44,000 in Federal Funds!  Sounds too good to be true?  Let
us show you how to do it!   

    MedTech is continually enhancing our system to make it more
    efficient and user friendly.  Some of our latest enhancements and
    new information is listed  below. If you would like more information
    about any of these just give us a call.