True Multi-user/Multi-tasking operations
allows for multiple access of information
Improves efficiency and more closely
matches existing manual systems.  For
example, patient ledger can be viewed
from different locations simultaneously.
Single entry processing
Single input is directed throughout the
system reducing labor costs and
transposition errors.
Patient "default" information
Patient information is "retained" to
simplify billing and eliminate errors.
Simplified month-end / year-end closing
Reduces the normally tedious period
ending accounting functions to one
keystroke.  Saves enormous labor costs.
Automatic revenue reporting
System reports show where and how
revenue is being generated.  For
example, referrals, facilities, procedures,
carriers, etc.
Complete integration with word processing
Direct access to Microsoft Word to
automate op reports, recall letters,
referral letters, etc....
Integrated report generator
Allows for end user defined reports and
inquiries.  Eliminates the need for custom
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