Multiple treatment room appointment
Allows for patient scheduling by treatment
room.  Also allows for double/triple
booking.  Eliminates the need to carry
appointment books from office to office.
Encounter / Routing sheet capability
Prints "superbills" by appointment for
easy billing entry and daily audits
Automatic patient recall
Improves revenue and cash flow by
reminding patients of future visits
Med Tech
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Automatic secondary / third party claim
Claims print automatically and cannot
"slip through the cracks".  Improves cash
flow and efficiency.
Automatic patient statements
Patients bills are never missed.  Much
better presentation than copied ledger
cards.  Improves cash flow and reduces
labor costs.
Completely automated payment posting
Eliminates the manual calculations for
deductibles, adjustments, and G/R.  
Reduces labor costs and math errors.
Integrated nursing home billing
"Remembers" patients treated during
nursing home visits and allows for
automatic rebilling of charges.  Reduces
labor costs and misses billing.
Electronic claims and patient statements
Claims and patient statements can be
sent electronically to increase cash flow,
save labor and postage
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