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Med Tech has been beyond helpful, though they certainly are that - efficient,
pleasant, timely and available too.  There are many more adjectives I could use, all
positive and all accurate.

    I lost my full-time #1 in an auto accident over 2 years ago and only because we had
    just got Med Tech, I was able to take over those functions - slowly at first and now it
    is no time at all.  This programming (and the hardware I acquired through Med Tech
    to lose any worry about that support) has enabled me to truly "own" my practice for
    the first time - all of it.  And control is a heady thing.  First, it just feels good.  Then by
    enabling me to understand the four parts of the business side, we usually stumble
    through (and turn over to a person with nowhere near our own level of education and
    training, much less interest) - patient demographic input, procedure posting,
    receipts posting and billing (third party electronic and patient statements) - I have
    become far more rewarded for a lot less time spent in non-patient care, thereby
    creating more time for patient care.  The first couple months I was on the phone to
    Med Tech several times a day.  This has become almost nil, but I know I can call
    with ANY question and it's almost always solved at that call, occasionally with a very
    prompt callback.

    The adversarial relationship third party payers have created does not allow us the
    luxury of being  disengaged from the operation of our practices beyond medical
    decision making.  We all know it's a struggle.  So come to the fight in a Maserati with
    a real weapon.  Sounds awful, but I'm tired of getting pushed around especially
    when I've got my hands on a patient.

    Med Tech is not paying me for this testimonial - no treats or fee reductions, although
    fees are very reasonable.  I am simply so very grateful to Med Tech for their help.

Jeffrey M. Ferritto, D.P.M., Columbus, Ohio
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