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WebSite Design
The two basic questions we hear all the time are :
  1.        Why do I need a website?
  2.        How much will it cost?

The answers to the first questions are many.  
Think about the reasons that you advertise in the
phone book.  New patients mean added revenue
stream.  With over 50 million potential patients now
searching the Internet for answers to their health
questions, doesn't it make sense to utilize this
medium?    How many people access the
Internet?  Over 100 million and growing.  Shouldn't
you have a presence in this growing market?
Marketing is based on the three W's -- Who, What and Where.  Let patients
know who you are, what you do and where you do it!  This is fundamental to
developing an overall marketing strategy that fits your practice.

By publishing a professional, informative and easy to navigate website you can
effectively communicate  your practice's important information.  By including
your hospital and professional affiliations, insurance plans accepted, services
offered, office locations and hours,  you can efficiently inform existing patients
and attract potential patients of the three W's.

By including the latest news on medications, surgical techniques and new
treatments, you can let patients know that you have the latest resources to
address their health issues.  Having an easy to understand "menu" of
conditions allows the patient to view specific ailments and see that you can treat
these conditions.

For new patients, you can include a new patient form and directions to your
office to expedite patient registration and reduce missed appointments.  

In addition to the patient related information, by presenting a professional  
informative website, you can project the right image to colleagues who can
further enhance your practice through patient referrals.

For much less than your print media advertising costs, you can publish a
professional and informative website.  With our catalog of proven templates,
initial design and setup is as little as $500.00.  Isn't it time you took advantage
of this multi-dimensional tool?

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